Pad Chennington face reveal + other weekly news

The weekly news of future funk and vaporwave for June 9th to June 14th, 2019. Covering Concerts, Physical and Digital Releases as well as some scene news for artists.

Show notes


The North American tour, titled The Bae 5 Tour, consists of 21 concerts around the USA. Starting Oct 11th until Nov 10th, you’ll practically have a whole month to grab a chance to see Yung Bae in person.

The announcement started with the release of “Must Be Love” the first single released in over a year. Check it out below:

Scene News

Art content with Topaz Club, $50 + art work used as the comp album art.  See flyer for my details.

Pad Chennington News

This was one hell of a week for Pad Chennington. First starting off with a face reveal with Saint Pepsi. Got people thinking they must be collaborating together and boy were they right, when Pad Chennington announced a new single that will be out in an unknown future titled, “Summer of Disco”.

Well if that isn’t enough hype for how on on top of the game Pad Chennington is, he also will be releasing an interview with Saint Pepsi / Skyar today on his youtube channel. I’ll add the video when it comes out.

Physical Releases

100% Electronica by George Clanton

The definitive edition of 100% Electronica on vinyl is here. The album that started it all. This time, on new and excited Gak® Green Splatter vinyl. Each order comes with a super exclusive Legendary Rare Foil trading card featuring “Broken Leg George,” the most powerful variant.

猫シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h – Building a Better World album

猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h are coming out with an album titled “Album: Building a Better World” together. Hiraeth announced the vinyl will come in two forms, a cassette and a CD with expected release day some time in July 2019. More news to come on the weekly this Friday. 

Sparkly Night – Paradise Break (cassette)

New album, “PARADISE BREAK” (Sparkly Night – Paradise Break) will be out on CASSETTES on @bizcasual .

Link coming soon

Digital Releases

TWA: Travel With Attitude

First Class Collective releases their first artist album, TWA: Travel With Attitude on Tuesday. They put together a funny little video for the announcement. I got a kick out of it, so wanted to share the video.

Album can be found on bandcamp

CItyman 900 – Modern reneissance man

Music used in this episode: CItyman 900 – Modern reneissance man. Which releases June. 15th, 2019 on Cityman Productions. Tomorrow

Follow them on twitter for me details.

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