Visual Signals (Issue 0)

(June-July 2020 ISSUE) In this issue we check out digital artist Ellie Sampson, Review HATENA’s latest release, Talk about running a label with First Class Collective, check out the latest news and concerts, get introduced to new albums and releases, and so much more. Interviews with artists, album reviews, city pop history, JDM car dealerships, cheat codes, japanese advertising, video game reviews, anime / manga recommendations, Chinese language, outstanding design awards, weather, japanese music, and more and more and more. So much inside you don’t want to miss. Collect them all.

“Visual Signals” is a pocket-sized irregular serial magazine for the Vaporwave scene by KITE0080 of Musics the Hang Up.Inside you’ll find scene album reviews, new releases, japanese pop culture, concerts, artist interviews and everything you’d expect from a MTHU release. Issue Zero is KITE0080s temporary sabbatical from the scene. A thank you for a 1.5 years he worked on MTHU as a full time project.