Visual Signals Issue 6

Visual Signals (Issue 6)

ビジュアル VISUAL SIGNALS” is a pocket-sized irregular serial zine for the Vaporwave scene by KITE0080 of Musics the Hang Up. Inside you’ll find scene news, album reviews, new releases, Japanese pop culture, concert announcements, artist interviews and everything you’d want to know about the Vapor scene.

In Issue Six, in over 143 pages we’ll explore:

  • Manga News by KITE0080 & Content from MangaMogura on Twitter
  • Sony DVD Handycam by Jay Wallace
  • Tokyo’s Nakagin Capsule Tower by KITE0080
  • The Art of Japanese Video Game Covers by KITE0080
  • RIP Lindsheaven Virtual Plate by Jay Wallace, MiddleClassComfort & KITE0080
  • DMP Interview by KITE0080
  • A New Yotsuba by KITE0080
  • Liminal Garden & 夢のチャンネル interview by KITE0080
  • Z O N E S by THOR // Petridisch
  • Everyone is a Winner! The Hunt for Slamfest `99 by Deliriously Daniel & Cover image by Kevin Gauthier
  • The Forbidden Door: Cross-Discipline Opportunities by Tails_155
  • C!ERRA MY$T interview by KITE0080 & Art by C!ERRA MY$T
  • Leoht by Jack Drycrafte
  • Tokyo Collection – 2019 by KITE0080
  • Nepenthe by Jack Drycrafte
  • Star Tour Agencies by Jay Wallace
  • Superliminal interview by KITE0080
  • Books Worth Exploring by KITE0080
  • New Signalwave releases
  • Local Area Signalwave by TV2 // @crtsignals
  • and Countless vaporwave, signalwave and future funk records to enjoy

Give my Regards to Jack Black

こんにちは! We are excited to announce our partnership with the manga “Give my Regards to Jack Black”, the first 15 pages of the manga exclusively for issue six!

About Submissions

Visual Signals is always looking for new articles and content related to the Vapor scene and all things internet culture. If you have an idea hit us up @signalsVisual on Twitter or contact@musicsthehangup subject line “Visual Signals Submissions”.

ISSUE 6 // 2021