Visual Signals (Issue 5)

“Visual Signals” is a pocket-sized semi-monthly serial zine for the Vaporwave scene run by KITE0080 of Musics the Hang Up. Inside you’ll find scene album reviews, new releases, Japanese pop culture, album reviews, artist interviews and everything you’d expect from an MTHU release. In Issue five, we explore Bruce Lee, Yu Yu Hakusho, Aquablanca, No Problema Tapes, the passing of Sam Mehran, Korg NU: TEKT NTS-1, The Microgram, Cheng Bi, Origins of Lo-fi Hip-hop, Pixpills, DanMachi, WNI Weather Girls, Yuki Saito, PSX, Gunpla and so much more. This is our largest issue to date! With over 60 pages inside, you’re in for a real aesthetic read.