Official MTHU Merch – Anti Vapor Vaporwave

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Early this month for about 2 weeks straight I was living with クリスタルKITSUNE in Tokyo and multiple times he wore his Anti Future Future Funk shirt. Ran by no other than kissmenerdygirl who I also met in Tokyo at the Pitch Shifter Future Funk show.

Also when I went to Groove Horizons and met Mr. Wax, he was wearing a pink Anti Future Future Funk shirt… I first wanted one but in relation to vaporwave.

So it got me thinking this weekend, why doesn’t anyone do it for vaporwave? Well, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about me making my own merchandise. and well here’s my attribution to the world of vaporwave. Anti Vapor Vaporwave shirts and hoodies.

anti vapor vaporwave shirt/hoodies
Anti Vapor Vaporwave shirt/hoodies

At the moment this style come in 3 types. Classic black text on white, Black with vapor cyan and pink text on a premium tee and Black with vapor cyan and pink text on a sick premium hoodie. All produced by Teespring.

These specific designs are up for a limited time so grab em quick!

I am working on MTHU specific merch. My Patreon supports have seen some of the designs and gave me feedback. Really I just want to design something I’d 100% wear before sending it out, so working hard on that.

Thanks for the support everyone~


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