Night Tempo & Ev.exi vinyl, Emowave + other news

Night Tempo

In a bandcamp email this week, Night Tempo announced he’ll be sending out all (?) vinyls this week. The shipping and tracking info will come from him. Here’s the full email:

I’m so sorry about delay sig 2 vinyl.

vinyl going to ship in this week and I’ll provide tracking number after ship!

thanks for understand

and sorry again.

Night Tempo

Ev.exi update from Coraspect Records

Fans of Ev.exi will be happy to know their remember vinyls are on the way to Coraspect. Which means you’ll be getting you’re soon~

Good news! The 180g black vinyl re-issue of “Remember” has been ordered! They should arrive in 6-7 weeks.

 Coraspect Records

DMT Tapes and Emowave

DMT Tapes FL has been working with Zachary Eisenstein of the NJ pop punk band Man Overboard who now goes by EchoDDT. He’s generating hype on a new vaporwave genre calling it Emowave… Here’s the full details:

This has been an incredible month at DMT Tapes FL. Not only have we had the pleasure of introducing over a dozen new recordings to our roster this month, but we have been working with prolific guitarist and vocalist Zachary Eisenstein of the NJ pop punk band Man Overboard. His new alias, EchoDDT, is a complete reinvention of retrowave and end properties into a new genre called Emowave, featuring original vocals and nostalgic tendencies. Please enjoy this amazing new pioneered style!

Here’s a little taste of EchoDDT’s music

I guess this is cool, I kind of thought we had some more darker vaporwave that I guess could have been called Emowave but then again I don’t remember their names. soo…. Always interesting to see new genres emerge.

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