This whole week I’ve been living with ADRIANWAVE, Sparkly Night and クリスタルKITSUNE in a one room AirBnB in Tokyo… all for the sole purpose of them performing at this concert.

This is my third concert (Groove Horizons / 100% Electronicon) in the future funk / vaporwave scene I’ve been to in 2 months and this one was actually the most excited for me. Not only was I getting a chance to live in Tokyo, I was living with some of the artists I interviewed when I first started Musics the Hang Up. Sparkly Night and クリスタルKITSUNE being in the first 10 interviews. What a strange life I live where I get these kinds of opportunities.

So when the concert came around I wanted to do something special and get as much footage as I could for the first future funk show in Japan for all of us. This video is the result. I think after we all go our separate ways at the end of the week, I’m going to do a bigger write up of the entire experience outside of the concert but I hope you guys are able to enjoy this video.

It was super cool to meet the other Japanese future funk artists and to see how they envision the scene from this side of the world. It’s pretty crazy that we are presenting remixes of their Japanese music and everyone loves it. Must be a surreal experience for the crew. Even some of the future funk artists knew me, so of course I had to pass out stickers. Weird to see on the sets my stickers on their laptops.

This is the last concert on my list for this year, but I had an awesome run. I guess if anything amazing pops up, I’ll surely be there. This year has been so kind and beautiful to me. I’m super happy to have been part of everyones life here whether in London, New York or in Japan. Thank you everyone.

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タイムテーブル // Artist line up

23:00PM Bamboo (0:552:49) 23:50PM upusen (2:503:45) 00:40AM oogimix (3:466:10) 01:30AM Sparkly Night (6:117:46) 02:20AM クリスタルKITSUNE (7:4711:35) 03:10AM ADRIANWAVE (11:3717:10) 04:00AM – CLOSE kissmenerdygirl (17:1119:35) Outro: 19:3522:23

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