Remember 911 with 猫 シ Corp. : NEWS AT 11

Today we remember those of 9/11. If you were too young to understand or even remember experiencing it, 猫 シ Corp‘s project News At 11 captures this awful moment in history in a very surreal way. It’s quite an experience and might make you more appreciative of a time that once was and the world we live in now.

This tribute video by drmcast__ has stuck with me for some time since first viewing it a while back. It really shows the pre-911 and post-911 feelings american has.

Actually this video + the album hits me so deep that it’s one of the few classic vapor cassettes that’d I’ve been tempted to drop serious cash on to obtain. A piece of history that I want to own that makes me feel better at the conflict in me from the experience.

My 911 experience

I remember going to school that day and during the morning class kind of stopped and the teacher left the room. The lights were off for some reason ands put the TV on. I don’t remember what we watched but when she came back in she was crying. It didn’t make sense to me.

School let us out and we went home way early. We were living in a townhome in North Carolina before my parent divorced. I walked into the townhome with the white trim around the black door and for whatever reason my mother was home. she too was in front of the TV and crying. Then I saw the replays on the new over and over showing the destruction, the crashes and the panic. I didn’t exactly get it but I knew things were wrong.

I never really felt threatened as a child after that as I knew my city was not a target but there was a darkness over everyones life it seemed. America seemed depressed and really sceptic about everything. My life pre-911 felt like I was a child. Post-911 I felt like death real.

Now watching this video (above), I feel more at peace with everything and feel very grateful 猫 シ Corp created this for us. I don’t know what I want you to take from this. Just another story from a day in history that past of a lot of our lives.

Anyways, I hope everyone can enjoy their day today. I just felt like this needed to be share for vapor history and respect for american history.

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