Music for food courts + other releases

As of this morning, we haven’t seen any cassette or physical releases in the vapor scene. Which is interesting because that rarely happens. That’s okay because I’ll update this page as the day continues, maybe we will see some. Regardless, we are getting some cool digital releases. Actually a couple of unreleased tracks and first release albums from a few artists. Plus NMESH uploaded their 100% Electronicon set which is sick.

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Digital Releases

bottom shelf classics by anoddhue

bottom shelf classics is a collection of unreleased albums from throughout the years. I really like the song guitar made out of hammers because it feels like just off beat enough that it’s interesting to listen to. Then this hammering comes in and I can imagine that some guy is trying to learn how to play guitar while someone does construction in the school auditorium.

黒い燃えがら by 壊れたカセット

There’s a lot of hope in this album. Listening to it first thing in the morning, each song is like awakening my eyes, splashing water on my face and taking that wonderful first stretch to start the day. RLジョナSWIPE almost makes me want to cry at the idea of what wonderful possibilities I have in front of me today.

Geiser – Tosti by hecticrecs

I don’t even know how I found this single. This Netherland based rap single has elements of lo-fi hip-hop and i like how happy he seems rapping. Just something fun to add to the daily releases.

Dreams Without Meaning (Deluxe Edition) by ブラジル404

The album art put me off at first as that face is a tad creepy so wasn’t sure what to expect from the album. The first track i listed to, Into Space, actually has a great ambient sythwave feel that kind of gets too experimental with random cut off filters, which were more garring then I wish because this track is really relaxing. ブラジル404 does a great job keeping a constant sound and feel throughtout the album. favorite track, Mode 4.

Short Stories EP by Big Miz

After short summer break, UK based electronic label Shall Not Fade is back wtih a EP on 12″ by Big Miz. As tradition for 12″ releases for some reason, only one song is playable and I wasn’t really grooving it. Too harsh of noses for first thing in the morning. It’s just nice to see the label back in action considering they’ve been around since 2015.

Live @ 100% ElectroniCON by Nmesh

I don’t know how I missed reporting on this earlier but everyone who missed 100% Electronicon is going to be happy to know you can now listen to NMESH set on bandcamp. I stayed for the first part but it conflicted with one of the artists I wanted to see. So I’m happy I can get a chance to finish off the set.

企業生活SH☯P by HEART出血

I think this album sits on the edge of mallsoft. Reverb is at an all high and because of the album art, I feel like we’re listening to music in the foodcourt. Favorite track: ENTRANCE

企業の森 by 企業の森

企業の森 first album in the vapor scene. Some tracks funky, some vapor and some ambient. It’s a cool collection of tracks and I like the mysterious vibe the album art gives off. Congrats on releasing an album.

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord, twitter or instagram; and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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