Paradise Break by Sparkly Night out + other releases

Meta – Weekly News Episode 50

Physical Releases

Paradise Break by Sparkly Night

Paradise Break by Sparkly Night (Limited Edition Cassette + Digital Download)

the long awaited new album with Business Casual. I wanted to report on it ASAP, I’m listening to it now get the cassette if you want it because it’s going to sell out fast.

E C C O JOINTS by o.s.░clan


Finally my first vapor-rap album. A1 sounds amazing, A2 feels too off beat for the lyrics but then A3 made up for it. I\’m enjoying it. Great cassette to pick up.

Ostia Lido 1989 by Tito Machete

Ostia Lido 1989 by Tito Machete (LIMITED EDITION CASSETTE)

Blessed Among Women sounds amazing. That use of reverb works perfect and the drum playning off the sample to make this almost vapor pop sound if that’s something.

Digital Releases

National Geographic by creative_reality17

I wish there was more National Geographic early VHS documentary footage that was public domain. I think there could be a lot of interesting art that could come out of that. Maybe one day.


Something about that album cover told me this was going to be some kind of hype album. I thought it was going to be vapor-rap but actually this album is full of different feels. Dreampop, lo-fi and even some trap. It’s actually pretty good and refreshing to hear different well produced genres from a single artist.

Spikey Pillows by Glidelas

what is this kind of music called? trance or hard something. Like drum and bass with bass that kind of ear assults you.

Ori by One Man Band

the album is ok. Maybe a little more effort was added to the production of the music but the album art totally kills any desire to listen to it more than the few seconds i did sadly.

Marketh by Hercules

huh the first album off 7FROM that wasn\’t pure experimental trip but actually music I’d actually want to listen to at a show. Lightwave is beautiful man. Does Hercules have any other projects?

The Fourth Bully by /f

Although released early 2016, this album was shared with me today. Probably would have been listen to the dark deep internet if I didn\’t hear about it today. so wanted to documennt it exists. It’s experimental and kind of mathmatical. Not sure what 54% means but I like it.

THALIA (Digital Edition) by AROMA VIRTUAL

Originally released in 2018, I guess this is a remastering.

電車ループ by P U D E R P O L L I

I’ve been playing around with the trains more and more in my mind. and was worried this album was going to get the concept but this is just typical vaporwave. good vaporwave of course just scared me for a second with that album art.

Egyptian Gold by creative_reality17

what do I even say about a creative reality17 album any more.

Dreams Without Meaning by ブラジル404

“I started creating this album by accident after listening the album Memory Vague and some of sunsetcorp videos. But I was really falling IN LOVE of Ava Clare’s photos and I think is an album dedicated to her.”

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