5 Vaporwave albums to kick off this Summer (podcast)

This episode is broken into two parts, 3 physical albums you can still buy on bandcamp (at least as of the day of this episodes release) and 2 that digitally are a must own.

Summer is here and it’s time to pump up the jams. Which albums will you be listening to?

3 you can still purchase a physical version of


Before going into the song lets talk about the background of this 7”. Equip is working on his next album “CURSEBREAKER X” leading up to this album release there’s 3 acts or singles to hype up the album. Equip is unique in our scene as they tends to stay closer to the SNES style of music with a very synth pop mixed with a Castlevania sound. In this first act, Cemetery Moonglow, to our surprise we got a 7”.

It contains a single, and then 3 remixes by Satin Sheets, Dinosaur On Fire and R23X. Each remix has it’s own unique spin on the catchy melody and I think it’s pretty awesome we got a 7” out of it. Hope act 2 and 3 get one too for the collectors out there. At the time of this recording there’s 44 vinyl left out the 300. 

Volume 128 by Silver Richards

Originally released on the now defunct label Fortune 500, the Same label that rejected John Zobelle leading him to  start Business Casual. Volume 128 is known as a quintessential release to the vaporwave scene. When released in 2014 the album stayed true to the roots of vaporwaves theme of high class life, pool sides and 80s cars.

With songs like Runway, Cruising and Ocean Breeze this album is a great escape to a fancy life most of us will never live. Well 5 years later Palm 84 has teamed up with Silver Richards for a 12” vinyl and cassette release. It’s a classic in the scene and to have it publish on cassette and vinyl in 2019 so many years later makes it a must own. On initial release vinyl has 150 and 200 on cassette for this edition


Originally released last month, HATENA has teamed up with Lucid Shores for MiniDisc release of this super funky album. HATENA has been releasing music in the scene for quite a while and I think this is his most mature album yet. Tracks like Moves, Let’s Get It On and Begin2Touch are instant club bangers and sure to have to moving your body on first listen.

My favorite thing about HATENA is his ability to find such unique samples and turn them into a new experience. He’s like the mast of finding samples. If you love MiniDisc, this one needs to be in your collection. If not maybe it’s time you “Begin2touch” the wonderful world of MiniDisc.

2 you digitally that should be listening to

ANNIVERSARY VOL . 6 by Various Artists (Business Casual)

As mentioned before Business Casual was started when John Zobelle was rejected from various vaporwave labels and he decided he would make his own. Not only was this one of the best decisions he could have made but he also changed the face of Vaporwave. Although this album was sold on cassette and is now sold out the 27 tracks with 27 different artists from this label coming together to release this makes for such an awesome release. If Business Casual is new to you or you’re interested in hearing the top artists from the label this is a great introduction.

Not only do you get to celebrate the 6 years with BC but you too are part of this history by being in our scene now. Pretty cool to think about. For those who don’t know I did release a mini doc of BC with Middle class comfort to celebrate 6 years. Check that out on youtube or podcast.

Forgotten Summers by UNI DELUXE

I knew this album was coming out but I had no clue it was going to take our scene by a storm. Uni Deluxe and I had an interview a week before this album was released on Palm 84 on cassette and we talked about how he knew he wanted it on cassette but unsure who would take it.

What surprised us all next was how it sold out in 30 minutes and rose to number 2 on the future funk tag on Bandcamp new and notable. Although the cassette is gone the album has had such a big impact this month that it’s a must listen for those who missed it. It’s a perfect soundtrack to the unforgettable summer you’re about to have. So bring it along.

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