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5 Vaporwave albums to kick off this summer

There was a little worry about how I’d get my weekly episode in. It’s not an interview this time but 5 albums you should listen to, to kick off your summer. It’s only in podcast form this time around until the ban is lifted so I hope everyone can still enjoy it. Full show notes and episode here.

Physical Releases


SWEET SUMMER TRIP by greyl (Double LP)

It\’s been a while since I listened to any anime groove. I love it, this mix and splicing of anime dialog is a guily pleasure. Wish I didn’t miss the cassette release but the vinyl is still available as of this posting.

Ultra Groove Product by android52

Ultra Groove Product by android52 (Splatter Vinyl)

Android52 has done it again. Released an awesome electro house album with a beautiful album art to accompany it. I saw album art teased a while back and it’s cool to see now what the sound of this image is. The vinyl is still for sale as of this post

CLASSROOM SEXXTAPE by death's dynamic shroud.wmv

CLASSROOM SEXXTAPE by death’s dynamic shroud.wmv (Limited Edition Double LP – Baby Pink)

Recently Pad Chennington had a live stream talking about this artist. There was a lot of hype about his next release and it\’s finally here. This album playfully uses the themes of sexuality, youth and issues facing western society on the matters. The double vinyl is available in pink as of this post.



This cassette release contains 3 tracks with a very upbeat mix of robotic 80s synth. That album art right?

Digital Releases

•​]​••´º´•» 🎀 𝒯𝒰𝐸𝒮𝒟𝒜𝒴 🎀 »•´º´••​]​• by 𝕋𝕌𝔼𝕊𝔻𝔸𝕐

hmmm yesterday we had Monday released, today it\’s Tuesday. I\’m thinking we\’ll get an album every day this week now. Vaporwave.

Nostalgia by Computer Wind

A pretty chill album. Mix of vaporwave tracks of the slowed down hooks or catchy parts of songs. In Your Eyes is enjoyable and probably my favorite on the album.

take by valyri

I think this is 4 tracks mixed into one single song. 9 minuets of experimental ambient with space-y vocals.

Romantic walks to the middle of nowhere by J_ade_

Super happy J_ade_ informed me of this release beforehand with my VPN issue and all. I was actually thinking about it 2 days ago and wondering if It was still coming out because I didn\’t want to miss reporting on it. This was my first time listening to her music and I had no clue she use her own voice on her albums. The track “One more night” is super catchy and starts to merge into the indie sound which I like. I’m super impressed with her sounds, totally worth purchasing.

A Journey through the Internet by yournt_jam.wav

This albums concept is based around the human condition and our dependency on the internet. Something all of us can relate to.

timeless entity by timeless entity

A chillout dreamy experimental album. Meditation is a tag used but feels to jerky for my ears to relax.


Electronic chill beat album. The track Characters Creation is really cool. I like the heart beat drum, the sample evolution and glitch some time gives.

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