Another miniDisc announced for your vapor funk collection

Scene News

Aloe City Records returns
Aloe City Records returns

Night Tempo Announcement

Night Tempo announces his next album, Show idol’s Groove 2 will be released June 15th and it’ll be free to download.

Physical Announcements

See You! ファンタジーガール by synchro//start

If you ever wanted to hear someone break up over a vaporwave mix of the playstation one intro song this got you fam. After than it’s a collection of pretty good vaporfunk / Electrohouse mix. This friday only 10 MiniDiscs will be available.

Digital Releases

Dream It by ASTRO

A lo-fi hop-hop single from ASTRO. The bass drum on this is wonderful, almost like a woodblock but drowning. Really cool.

PROJECT 2 by creative_reality17

After I get proper internet I have a music video coming out with Creative Reality17, not off this album but just wanted to let you know.

untitled by goofy tunes

Soundscaping ambience. “this album doesn’t really need to be listened to. i just need to make something. it doesn’t matter what. i feel like it’s at least the kind of music they’d like/make. yeah.”

Sensual Secrets // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​712 by Purple Palm

Another ambient vaporwave release from DMT Tapes. I like the saxs in Romantic Ritual.


Totally called it I knew we’d get a Wednesday today. If you’re not up to date yesterday an artist called Tuesday released an album called Tuesday and same thing on Monday. I wonder how long this will go on.

Side note but vaporreality sent out a public email about these days of the week albums. Explaining these are guides through the daily struggle.

The Way You Love Me (Edit) by Karyn White, Virginboy

It\’s a pretty good single by these two. I haven’t heard of either artist before but the duo works well together.

Magic by Impactful Loneliness

Another single on Topaze Club. I like the art style on this album. Gives me a few ideas for some weekly new thumbnails possibly. It\’s a pretty good future funk song, japanese lyrics and a nice saw tooth bass-line. A bit repetitive.

Music on Hold by yamir

There was an album like this a few months back that came out. Music you’re tortured to listen to while on hold. I wonder how they made this album, put it through a cell phone and recorded? lol

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