Kiwii introduces me to casino wave with album Casinopolis + other releases

Scene News

Ahero announced in an email today that this album Stratospheres is getting a cassette repress. I like that he even gives the shipping prices for those international. I hope everyone who wants it get’s it this Saturday.

Digital Releases

Casinopolis by kiwii

Well this album just introduced me to a new vaporwave sub-genre, Casinowave. Looking at bandcamp, there is already 8 other albums under this genre.

The album is very much like lounge music, I guess with a bit of class. I’ve only been in a few casinos in my life (not to gamble) and I don’t remember them being this calm. Also, what’s weird to me is it feels like this is take off a vinyl or something. It doesn’t feel like it’s been touched at all. maybe Kiwii is just that good at emulating an orchestra.


Happy to see Thursday is here. I wonder if Friday will be a collection of dance music to celebrate or party too.

Interpretations of Proust vol 1: Time Regained by Yannic Qiu & ELÎÊê“

This album has a sense of time to it as the descriptio theme promotes. The feeling of clocks keepig the song moving in the first track was interesting.

VOL. 2: Lucid Dream System by Asura Revolution

A pretty awesome ambient compilation album through Asura Revolver. Some common names you probably know are desert sand feels warm at night, Ursula’s Cartridges, Sangam and a few others.

Ayuwoki’s Second Spanish Journey by Cepita De Naranja

When i saw the album art including a bunch of MJ profiles i wasn\’t sure what to expect. Well… i was\’t prepared for this. A bad autotune spanish cover of a few MJ tracks. lol… what did i report on this? I guess because it made me laugh. At least the artist is taking time to make music. Gotta give him that.

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