PARADER by HATENA gets a MiniDisc pre-order and other releases


For those who missed yesterday post. I talked about how I’m out of luck with using western internet products as there’s a VPN ban going on right now in China. It happens, I’m not stressing out so much today. Thanks everyone who emailed me to show your support and offer options. I don’t need a VPN or anything it wouldn’t work regardless. but the thought is nice for everyone who offered. As for tomorrows Episode I’ll be releasing as podcast as normal but the youtube video won’t go live until I get access to youtube. Sorry for the wait. Hope all is well, I miss everyone.

Physical Releases


PARADER by HATENA (PARADER *Limited Edition MiniDisc*)

This is a pre-order for Hatena\’s Parader. Which was releases last month. I think the pre-order is for a MiniDisc but the bandcamp description says compact disc. I\’ll contact them to get confirmation. It\’s an amazing album a lot of people were hyped for the digital release. It was the backing track to one the weekly news we had recently that\’s how much I liked it.

Night Eyes by TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL & ΔCID.rar

Night Eyes by TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL & ΔCID.rar (Compact Cassette)

Creepy album description \”He was hired to watch. Now he\’s tempted to touch…\” This is a split cassetter between TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL and ΔCID.rar From the few tracks i listen to it\’s mostly chillwave laid back electronic music. I really liked the songs Sultry and Soft Skin.

Digital Releases

ᴍᴏɴᴅᴀʏ by ᴍᴏɴᴅᴀʏ

This is the first album I listened to today. I\’ve never heard of Monday but after listening to this you will. Not only is his artist name Monday, his album name is Monday and every single track on this is called Monday. I actually find that super entertaining and a fresh idea although simple.

過ちのない物は何も作り出せない by SYNTHラブ

Not only does this album sound super funky it\’s all the songs that didn\’t make it on his Thicc album. It\’s a wonderful collections and what\’s even better is he provides the Baselist. So if some of those tracks sound familiar or you want to know the originals, check it out on his bandcamp. I think more artists should do that.

Last night in the pool by Soul▲Craft

a synth ambient album. It doesn\’t really give me a late night pool activity experience, it actually more reminds me of Zer0 れい\’s kind of music just this album isn\’t as dark.

2023 by 2023

An examperimental album by 2023. I just started following 7FORM (the label) and i\’m really enjoying the music. This album is kind of like a backing track of a life form. The first track like learning how to walk. The second song is like waking up or breathing for the first time.


A new single by CEL SHADE, this is my first time listening to this artist who I didn\’t know where it was going. First it\’s got a great song clip off i think an anime it sounds familiar but idk what it is. Then it goes ambient, hip-hop and a melody of mysterious intentions. I like whatever voice sample they kept using to transition between each song. CEL SHADE is now on my rader.

arrival​/​destination​/​end station Hell by sinner

imagine wind through a hallway that leads into a droning synth opening up a door to your new home. That\’s this single.

I by prosapagnosia

Ah this is one of those experimental albums that i think would go great at an odd art show while people discuss the difference between analog and digital photography lol.

Yakuzawave by blashy

For those not familiar with Yakuza it\’s a fighting sort of open world video game. The first came out on the PS2 and have been popular ever since. I like to think this album here would be the soundtrack if the game had came out on the PSOne.

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