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Physical Releases


CEMETERY MOONGLOW by Equip (7″ vinyl + Bonus Tracks)

This is my first Equip album I’ve listened to. It’s super good, actually way better than I was expecting, the mix of 80s drums with a new age synth on a lot of the track just shows how much he deserves to be on 100% Electronica. The 7″ Vinyl is still for sale, get it quick!

Digital Releases

一人で by desert sand feels warm at night

Another amazing ambient album out. Although currently only in digital it will be releasing on Aloe City Records June 21st, at 5PM BST.

Fragments by Mutant Talons

77 tracks of random ambient, glitch and other sound noises. Each sounds like they could be songs like mirai sounds cool but then songs like black heart or broken heart are just noise. Interesting concept.

SuperNOVA by Channel 03 & ONLINE TONIGHT

SuperNOVA is a pretty good vaporwave album. Songs like ‘life’ and ‘NO ONE ELSE’ take the slowed approach.


“Hey Jane, I’ve been missing you and the kids. I’ll be home next week. Dave left the resort and I’m all alone, relaxing by the pool. Give me a call within the hour. love you”

Television Dreams by ブラジル404

Wow the first track on the album, Tuning In, is an experience. Those hard strops breif silience and then triumpant blasts are crazy then the talking with the droning deep elements are creepy. It just gets weirder and weirder. The screams man. those screams.

Echelon by █████████

Originally released on 7form this 4 track digital release sticks to the ambient gitchy idm. the track, .mutant, has this blade moving in a factory while the workers continue their slave labor in a dark basement of an unknown location. The synth come in giving hope but a distant sound of children scream seem to be heard and we get this awesome glitch electronic upbeat song. Like the successful attempt to escape.

days of summer by 悲惨な forever

The baseline in the song summer fling is great. I wonder if thats sampled or not. I wish the song was longer because i wanted to hear it more

Puente Intergaláctico #2 by Neo Laredo

A pretty good synthwave album, the album art is in j-card form. So if you\’re already a fan of Neo Laredo i\’m guessing this is coming out on cassette soon.


I don\’t know why ENAMORADA (which is the most popular track on this album and lead to him releasing it on cassette) had to start off with such a loud static. RIP headphone users, the vaporfunk song that follows the static is pretty good tho.

Grey Matter by websurfer

an eccojams / mallsoft album. The first song has a guitar that puts me back to MapleStory days, that did bring back some “Sudden Affliction of Nostalgia”

Life Visions by Computer Wind

Even before the singing started the sample i want to know what love is by foreigner was recognized. Actually this slowed down version is pretty interesting on the way they use droning to build up on the suspense. I really wanted to hear the main hook tho which didn\’t happen.

Overton Windows 95 by Datavoid

I love this album art. You can tell they put that extra time and effort into making it, it doesn’t looked slapped together. The same can be said for this album, it has a very well produced sound. Pizza Ranch is my favorite track.

レトロ未来次元XD by Ctrl+Alt+Repeat

i wasn\’t sure what to expect off this one with the album art but the second the track ᐯ丨尺ㄒㄩㄖ几丨乂 hit, I 100% believed C-A-R was going to achieve that 80s synth revial sound on this album. Sounds so good.

A C A D E M Y // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​711 by Hallmark ’87

A dark ambient album that plays of this idea of the A C A D E M Y, a scene which the listener is stuck in with no human contact but the sound of footstep and chatter in the distance. You know people are there you just can\’t see them. When school is over, everything is over and you are truly alone.

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