Weekend Vaporwave and Future Funk to kick off June & other news

Physical Releases

Kalerloop by FarragoL

Kalerloop by FarragoL (FarragoL – “Kalerloop” Cassette Tape)

that poem on Daffodil to the beat was super unexpecting. 40 tracks for hip-hop beats and instrumentals on Tiger Blood Tapes. idk how they fit it all on a cassette.

Volume 128 by Silver Richards

Volume 128 by Silver Richards (Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl)

The title track, Volume 128, introduces you to this amazing future funk nu disco album. and from there the album just keeps getting better. this is a must on on vinyl.

One Hundred Mornings by Windows96

One Hundred Mornings by Windows96 (Limited Edition LP + Digital Download)

A huge release. This album has over 1 million plays on youtube. a staple in the Future Funk / nu disco album. Might be the last and only time you might be able to get this.

Votedisk // Scene Is Dead (DATA083) by Dubmood

Votedisk // Scene Is Dead (DATA083) by Dubmood (Limited Edition Numbered 7″ Vinyl)

This was recommended by bandcamp, not in our scene but damn this album sounds amazing. Pure analog sounding 8 bit electro. This is one of those vinyl releases that makes me happy it\’s on vinyl because it doesn\’t sound like it should be. that intro on We Have Accidentally Borrowed Your Votedisk is amazing. I want to get that on some nice speakers.

The Sweetest Dream by Desired

The Sweetest Dream by Desired ([NCR004] The Sweetest Dream Picture Disc Vinyl (Begin Shipping in 2 months))

a big release by Desired, an OG in the vaporwave scene. There\’s still cassette and CDs left. Shipping in 3 weeks to 2 months so watch that. Sounds like a really solid future funk / vapor funk album.

Digital Releases

After Birth by Demon Child

After Birth is some nice exeperimental abstract album, the first track Andromalius has this distorted fluet sounding synth that i really like. The album art looks like it is ready for a j-card, might be coming to cassette idk.

GLAMOUR by Sunset Ride

the way the the gritty bass is attached to the rest of the song is amazing. feels like an instant club hit. I\’d love to hear this on some real speakers.

Cannonball // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​710 by AGNAR

an ambient electronic album that feels like a summer time vacation. Schools out and beaches and pools for days. I really enjoyed Virtual Summers wobbily attempts at singing. Cracked me up.

Happy Hollowness by DDS BETA 2.0

\”We, too, I think, who is from the digital change at all? Before the digital heart. 2.0 Beta. One interpretation of the DDS.\” is kind of interesting. makes me think, if we did figure out digital life creation, how would they evolve, would they need to evolve? what is life without evolution right?

Weekends by creative_reality17

This caught me off guard, I didn\’t know creative_reality17 released on other labels. This is a much more vaporwave feeling album than the idm he\’s been releasing lately.

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