Daily News: 6 years of Business Casual & more – 4/30/2019

Interview with Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night – Released Today

6 years of Business Casual

Congrats to Business Casual for reaching 6 full years of releases, success and cassettes (plus vinyls but I wanted to rhyme).

There’s so much new for new releases, re-releases and come backs that I just recommend you watch the twitter video.

Awesome to see 1969年, Melonade and Windows96 get some cassette love. Of course we’ll report on the calendar all the release info as we get them.

Until then go check out the amazing collection that the artists and people of Business Casual has put together in the past 6 years.

Physical Releases

chromute by altostrati

chromute by altostrati (cassette)

“Blue tint cassette with printed labels on both sides. Comes in clear case with full color printed 4 panels j-card. Limited to 30, all with free 12″ x 18″ posterSent from Chile.”

b o d y l i n e - CRUISING TELEVISIONS

b o d y l i n e – CRUISING TELEVISIONS

Clear-shelled cassette with blue liner, with full color labels on each side. Cassettes are professionally recorded on a high quality tape deck and comes with a high-quality printed j-card, black case, and over-wrapped in plastic!

Kappa - Forsaken cassette

Kappa – Forsaken (cassette)

Interesting collection of song that I’m unsure if it’s because fo the album art or not but I feel goes from a happy world the a deeper darker experience with each song. Have we Forsaken our creator?

Digital Releases

Visual Appeal by creative_reality17

“oh wow” is the first thing I thought when I heard this. Reminds me of Chillout house music for that hip sushi bar that’s too expensive to eat at but you’ll bring a date too. Love it. I’m actually contacting him for a collaboration, it’s too good.

Twitter News

Seaside Tapes is looking for submissions

Seaside Tapes is looking for submissions for their “The Lost Archive Vol. 2: Eccojams Edition ” compilation. It’s the second in the series and is open to anyone who makes music that sounds and fits in the “eccojam” subgenre.

Sounds like it’s going to be a great album considering the first Archive Vol. 1 was a great hit. You can listen to that first compilation on bandcamp.

They are releasing a physical cassette most likely in May. So go submit your songs now, there’s only a few days left.

Contact them on their twitter, @SeasideTapes, for more information.


Thought this photograph looks too beautiful. So wanted to shoutout @nutfeathers if anyone wants to see more of his collection.

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