Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night talks tips for new artist – Interview

Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night – Slushwave Artist

Initially I had never heard of anything like Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night (Desert Sand) in the vaporwave scene, yet I was seeing his cassette, name and music passed around throughout the community.

So when I started listening to his music, the long 20 minute tracks, the slow ambient feel and the mysterious long artist name caught my attention in more than one ways. I knew I had to interview him to find out more of this force of musical nature and learn more about how he became so big.

Turns out not even he knows how he was able to become such a house hold name in the scene but he does have tips for what worked for him in the early days of being a vaporwave artists. We talked about how he found his sound, when to contact labels and how to improve when you’re not getting any listens. Can’t you believe at one point he barely had 1 listen in the beginning?

Find out all of this and more in the above Youtube video.

sparkling water – coming to vinyl

One of his most popular albums, sparkling water, will be releasing with Palm ’84 on May 1st, 2019 (Which is literally tomorrow if you’re viewing this interview on release).

The great news is although originally it was only going to be 100 copies, it has been announced that they are going to release it under a 24-hour unlimited pre-order. So buy yourself one, a friend and your mom because this might be the last time we see this on vinyl. And how can you don’t get one with such a cool blue vinyl record look it has.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the album yet you can take a preview on bandcamp until the vinyl goes live. but make sure to check back on the Palm ’84 bandcamp as that’s where the album will be released on vinyl.

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