The Pastel World of NATIONALナショナル, an Interview

This article is from the archives of MTHU as part of an on-going process of moving posts from there to here as the MTHU blog will be closing soon. Originally posted 09/13/2020

Who is NATIONALナショナル?

MTHU had a chance to sit down with Malaysian Future Funk artist, NATIONAL ナショナル, for a quick interview about their Vapor Career. NATIONAL ナショナル has been in the Future Funk scene since Sept, 2016, releasing dozens of EP/singles and albums and as of recently on cassette with First Class Collective. They are on top of their game and I had to learn more about them. Follow NATIONAL ナショナル on Twitter: @FM_NATIONAL_

How did you get into future funk?

  • Through Youtube recommended section. A music video called “Saint Pepsi – Tell me”. I’ve constantly played the song for a week.

Who are your biggest influences?

  • Tendencies, Unibe@t, Cape Coral, Childhood, Dante Mars Ajeto, Supersex420, CVLTVRΣ and S U R F I N G.

Who is your favorite label you’ve worked with?

  • First Class Collective.

You’ve released multiple cassettes, when can we expect a vinyl release?

  • Maybe? I tried to do a vinyl release on Qrates but I don’t have the minimum required backers to fund the release. It got like 34/100 backers. The number of audiences is not there yet.

Do you have any interesting Future Funk stories (with other artists / label / fans)?

  • That one time, I discovered another Malaysian making Future Funk music. He remixed old 80s malay disco songs. His music was featured on Artzie Music channel. The music video was called ‘Fi7i- Red is my fav colour too’. Then I realized there were only 2 people in Malaysia making future funk music (maybe). I think people don’t know future funk or vaporwave because it is not a very popular genre here.

How would you describe the NATIONAL ナショナル Aesthetic?

  • Pastel colours, old 80s 90s computers, Windows XP 95, palm trees, tropical flowers, Kuala Lumpur city.

If you had to pick one song to introduce NATIONAL ナショナル to new fans, what song would it be?

  • 【TROPIC Λ L】​/​/​ ゴニが

What does 2020 look like for NATIONAL ナショナル?

  • Mixed. Released two songs and an album on cassette. The First Class Collective label did a great job. I stayed in my room everyday because of the outbreak. So, I got nothing to do but play games, especially Minecraft. I thought I could advertise and expose them to future funk and vaporwave.

Find NATIONAL ナショナル on Bandcamp:

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