A New Signalwave Discord Server

Are you a fan of Signalwave, Weathersoft or Broken Transmission music or intrigued by its unique, atmospheric sounds? Come join a new Signalwave Discord server.

This Discord server serves as a welcoming space for Signalwave fans, as well as aspiring and established artists. It’s a hub where like-minded individuals can interact, share music, and connect with the broader community. You can hang out with the likes of sport3000, 猫 シ Corp., TV2, CT57, 直子coed, and Kratzwerk, all pretty well known in the Signalwave experience (Oh and I’m there, so come say hello!).

The server features a self-promotion channel where you can share your own music or discover new, emerging artists. There is also an events channel dedicated to upcoming concerts and streams related to the Signalwave scene.

To join the Signalwave Discord channel, simply follow this invite link: http://discord.gg/yGdPpTH7hC.

New to Signalwave?

  • Checkout the latest issue of our zine Visual Signals
  • Here’s a quick video on the topic:

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