S01E07: Title Fight’s Crescent Shaped Depression is the Most Motivational Song Ever.

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Title Fight is literally my favorite band of all time. I’ve listen to them for over 6 years and to this day I’m still getting massive meaning out of their lyrics. In this episode we look at the song Crescent Shaped Depression and how I’m breaking out of my old ways and going to go for new creative ideas.

We’ll also look at the bit of history of Culm Bank, a location mentioned in this song.

Show Notes:

“Show Notes” are my raw general thoughts about said artist and usually how I roughly structure the episode. An episode may or may not include all of the following details.

Episode 7: Title fight – crescent shaped Depression

Where is Title Fight?
War time speech:

  • Have you done your part to find Title Fight?
  • Defend Hardcore It’s everyones Job
  • If the boys are in town, mosh hard, pump high and show your pride
  • We’re all in the army now, let’s work hard to win!

About the band:

  • Formed in 2003
  • From Kingston, PA
    • I grew up in Pittsburgh for a bit
      Introduction to the band
  • I couldn’t find much stuff on them at first
  • He persuaded me to go because their members had straight edge
  • After the concert, we all bought Cruel Hand Shirts put them on and went to a dinner.
    • Wish I had bought a TF shirt that night tho
  • Listening to Head in the Ceiling I knew this band was an instant hit with my brain

My introduction to them

About the lyrics
“I want to write our names on a culm bank’s face” how do these kids do it. At whatever age in 2011, they start off with a heavy hitter. “The mountains surrounding, Mark the boundaries you’re not meant to leave” like damn. Could you imagine growing up somewhere where the mountains are all you see and you wonder whats beyond.

Then at least to leave your mark you selectively pick out a “mountain” culm bank and leave your mark. The foresight and thought process to no only select a location, attach a meaning to it, and at X age. Blows me away and impresses me more than the 100 times I’ve listen to the songs.

Then the second part “Haunt the boundaries only mentally” kills me.

Who hasn’t thought about “damn I want out of my hometown or I hate my job.”

If only we just saw above the bad part of live we are in and took a chance to experience yourself out of your limitations where could I be?

And you feel that in the next line “Never set free” and “you know where I’ll be”. I’m sure we’ve hit a next level thinking hell yeah I’m finally out of here but like a year or two goes by and you’re back to thinking I’m where I started.

I guess that in it’s self is human nature. Always striving for more. Yet, even when we have a little bit more we still feel stuck in a time and place and then we die right?

What really motivates me about title fight is there these kids from Kingston that made it and from their first concert I went to of theirs I knew these guys struck a cord with me even before fully knowing who they where. Yet to this day they’ve still held me.

When I listen to this song, it just makes me want to kick myself in the ass and get moving. Every song of theirs has a place for a moment in my life and in this moment, my crescent shaped depression is slowing dissipating and I have this strong need to elevate myself else where in life.

So this was the first episode I wrote. Title fight has been with be through so many parts of my life. So I want them to be part of my first step in a new dream of sharing my music and my life through this podcast.



Credit to Marching Song: https://archive.org/details/MarchPAOTheLibertyBell/March+(Admin+Branch)+Old+Comrades.mp3


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