S01E06: Minus The Bear & The Adventure of Life is the Hang Up

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Minus The Bear lyrics paint such vivid pictures of life I’ll never live but Yacht, Absinthe and Pills never sounded so good. Yet through listening to their songs I get a chance to experience these foreign lives. In this episode we deep dive into the lyrics of some of their most well known songs.

Show Notes

“Show Notes” are my raw general thoughts about said artist and usually how I roughly structure the episode. An episode may or may not include all of the following details.

Episode 6: Minus the bear

  • Thanks for the killer game of Cristo twister
    • Hilton head, painting on the wall of a yacht
    • That feeling of wanting to be semi rich and having girls all around on the beach.
    • High school
  • Not really a band I shared with anyone. Just one of the few bands not in my normal listening circles that I felt connected to. I think his voice, the way he is kind of lazy but cool with it is what initial grabbed me.
  • I’m glad listening to this album probably at least 5 years later since the last time, it didn’t have the effect on my that it could have. It’s all about taking pills, drinking yourself to sleep and just being free spirited person I just never was.
  • This band felt like they knew something I didn’t know. Like it was cool to wear kaki shorts and a button up. A style I completely repulsed. Almost like they knew they were the cool kids but they hated it making themselves anti-cool. Funny how listening to bands as a teenager, you feel the singer is you in some aspects but these are adults.Monkey, Knife, Fight
    • I always wanted to find that girl who just enjoyed car rides, going up the beach or just driving through downtown with the windows down. I’d play this song on those hot summer nights with my hands out the window thinking I wish my girlfriend felt this way about life and music. I got into things with music in my mind and
  • Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse
    • Now I know exactly what this album band connected me to. The idea of owning a small boat, the ability to have a couple of good friends on board and just traveling the world together. Porting at a random beach, walking around everywhere barefooted, playing guitar for girls dancing around a fire. This world was so foreign to me and something even as an adult of 27 I’ve never experienced.
    • How life could have been different if I went to college or studied seriously in high school. If I never picked up the skateboard or decided to play percussion in middle school. If I didn’t dig anime but instead grooming to be a frat boy. Lol but who wants that.
    • I guess I could still become a dharma bum and experience a similar life and something that might interest me but who am I getting. I’m getting older and I enjoy sleeping on a bed. But what I love is I can sit here with my life long straight edge tendencies and dream an alternative timeline while listening to this album.

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