Music’s The Hang Up Is Now On Spotify

It’s a little early but the show actually got approved to be on the Spotify platform! It took only took like 20 minutes too.

Feel free to follow us on Spotify or listen to podcast now!

Podcasting Notes:

We’re hosting the podcast on Buzzsprout, a podcast hosting platform. It was extremely easy to submit the RSS feed to Spotify, iTunes, Sticker, Google Play and Amazon Alexa.

I did major research into what platform to host on. I picked Buzzsprout because Pat Flynn recommended it but also because I think the pricing is reasonable, $12 per month @ 4 hours. Also the website just look professional and the numbers show they’ll be here for the long run. I didn’t want to get into a platform that disappears in a year.

  • If you’re interested in starting a podcast and thinking about using Buzzsprout, feel free to use my referral link. You’ll get a better rate and more hours. It’s kind of a win win

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