Branding Update + January 2019 Spotify Playlist

Each month I’ll have an on-going Spotify Playlists of songs that catch my ears throughout the month. You can follow along or just find it in the side bar of the website.

The music taste might seem random but you’ll get a better picture of the music I’m digging in the moment.

I started working on the branding side of things. At first pass, here’s the iTunes / Podcast image that’ll will be found on all major platforms come January 18th.

Music’s The Hang Up – iTunes Podcast Image Above

As of January 11th, I currently have 8 episodes recorded and ready to go. With the plan of 10 before the 18th. I’m still working on the intro music/setup as I want to create the song myself.

This project is a passion of my own creativity. Something I’ve been holding back for a while. So when I look at the current iTunes Podcast Image, I’m so proud of myself because it looks exactly like what I envisioned it my head.

Let me know what you think about the branding on social media:

Any just in case anyone is wondering, yes I took inspiration from Reid Miles. I love everything he did for Blue Note. I think he spoke music in design so well and that’s what I want to do with the podcast.

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