Bae 5 Announced, Ahero Steaming Party and my last weekly news~

Yung Bae – Bae 5 released

I’m really enjoying this album and normally I don’t do reviews for music mainly because I want to be a new source but after having it the only album on my phone while on a 9 hour train ride to Beijing I think I got a good enough feel to write a review. Look forward to that in the coming days.

The album can be found on Bandcamp and I’m really digging it.

Ahero Streaming Party

The streaming starts 6PM CST or 7 EST on youtube, link here. I am fortunate enough to have worked with Ahero on an official music video for the song Caller ID. I want to make more music videos for artists and think of this as the first of many. Let me know what you think

Airlines Records / Surfing

Airlines Records launches their website with cassettes, vinyl and other Merch. Oddly enough all the cassettes and vinyl are still for sale so grab them while they last.

You know Surfing for albums like Deep Fantasy and it’s progressive almost rock sounding vapor style. Congrats on the new website.

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