Obsolete Software, White Noise and Cassettes

Physical Releases

Entrance Way by Sangam

Entrance Way by Sangam (Cassette [NOP-099])

Blue tint cassette with printed labels on both sides. Comes in clear case with full color printed 4 panels j-card. Includes: – 1 Postcard – 1 No Problema Tapes Sticker – Shipped in a Cardboard Mailer Made in the Chile. Limited to 40 copies.

팔다아웃 by アナログMESSIAH

팔다아웃 by アナログMESSIAH (Limited Edition Cassette)

This is a cassette release of 50. It’s a experimental side of ambient vapor. Tracks like 계속하지 마십시오 give off a mediative vocal droning.

Digital Releases

S​/​T VII by Nobody’s Fault But My Own

Very experimental noise I guess. The first track is super minimal droning with what could be white noise, static for sure but some times it feels like rain. Could be interesting to meditate on. Also beautiful album cover.

Virtual Goddess // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​716 by Seffi Starshine

“Virtual vapordrone experiments with obsolete samples and software by Seffi Starshine.” – DMT. I like the sound of this, the use of older obsolete software is a nice touch. I wonder what that was specifically.

Other News

What is decibel

I was informed of this interesting article about noise in the world. Kind of a different kind of noise than we are used to but maybe it can help inspire someone who maybe want to make an album with Airplane noise or understand the DB levels of the world around us.

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