Ultima Flux by Ahero out now! (cassettes)

For those that didn’t get a chance to attend, Ahero had a release party for this latest album Ultima Flux. Guest DJ / Mixer HATENA was on the scene mixing the latest tracks and more to really get people hype about the release.

I was even supporting the party as I teamed up with Ahero to create a music video. My first music view too, something I’ve been wanted to do more (hit me up if you’re an artist look to collab).

Ultima Flux by Ahero

Ultima Flux by Ahero (1st Edition BLACK ltd. (30 copies))

The long awaited release is now on cassette.

The cassette is now out with only 30 copies. So you’ll deff want to grab one quick!

For those that missed the live stream the full 1 hour show can be found here

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