SAILORWAVE II (3 color) vinyl repressing + other releases

Physical Releases


SAILORWAVE II by マクロスMACROSS 82-99 ([SRT003] Limited Edition 12″ Red Vinyl (Start Shipping in 3 Weeks))

Just when you thought you couldn’t get your hands on SAILORWAVE II, マクロスMACROSS 82-99 releases a 3 color edition for this classic album. The colors include red, blue, and green. Expected to shop in 2-3 weeks all at 26 USD.

Zones by Van Jack & Ninth Sign

Zones by Van Jack & Ninth Sign (Compact Cassette)

A small edition of 12 cassettes this album is a split album of two artists Van Jack & Ninth Sign. This album sounds incredible. The audio experience on the song Ideas by Van Jack feels great with headphones. Eventually by Ninth Sign is also a great introduction to his sound. Ambient / experimental lovers are going to want this. 5 cassettes left as of this post.

Mad Poems by Sirena Velena

This album isn’t a collection of poems but a collection of 3 very experimental atmospheric music. Mad Love Song, the first song was too creepy feeling for me. Mannequins wasn’t any better. The theme of mad in the sense of crazy is well crafted here.

Goddess by DJ DanceAlone

“DJ DanceAlone returns to Palm \’84 with an album even funkier than his last! Goddess is a concept album based around the life of Denise Matthews (Vanity from VANITY 6) who, sadly, passed away from kidney failure in 2016.“ The feeling on his is both upbeat but also feels sad in some songs like melting. A mix of disco bass with off kilter melodies.

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