Hide being a bronie with Diet Thicc + 135 tracks

Physical Releases

Ethernet by Cult Member

Ethernet by Cult Member (Limited Edition Rave Case Cassette (LED Printed))

The cassette design on this is crazy, I love soft shell cases annd the art on it looks good. Plus that price of only 10 GBP, can’t beat it. The album is full of electronic sounds and early future techno. I dig it.

Digital Releases

Diet Thicc (SFW Edit of “Thicc”) by SYNTHラブ

This was originally upload with English translations and an album cover that sported a thiccccc pink pony. Well if that isn’t your thing but still liked the music, here’s your chance to not ruin your perfect Bandcamp collection with some bronies swag. Oh and you also don’t get translated track titles, but with 135 tracks maybe memorizing them is your last worry.

Interactive Affairs by Fan Fiordo

I was listening to this album thinking it reminds me so much of Tropical风 and then I read the description that it’s a fusion of Argentinean style and vapor. This is an awesome sound, I love these tropical feel this gives off. Almost sounds like it could be a live band.

NAVI elite // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​717 by Δελφοί

Check out the track パイオニア Carrozzeria 楽ナビ AVIC-RZ302. “‘NAVI elite’ – The debut album by ΔΕΛΦΟΙ – is a Virtual Utopian exploration of the concept of music as aesthetic motion. Guided by the haunted, post-human voices of Japanese satellite navigation systems.”

Proud to Be Un​-​American by SYNTHラブ

With an album name like this I thought it was going to be a bunch of noise and violent feels, instead we are given a depressing drone and very minimal atmospheric elements. Not sure exactly what this album is trying to be.

+ by Kanal Vier & Punto Historia

This album is giving me a lot 空気系 and snow 雪 vibes. A mix of signal wave and lo-fi vapor. Out of the two artists I was feeling Kanal Vier more (Mainly because of the few synth used.)

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