Why I live for the weekend and my love for interviews

You know GaryVee says if you live for the weekends you’re doing it wrong. In my life, the weekends are my favorite days of the week because I’m off from work and I can interview a bunch of future funk and vaporwave artists.

When I originally started this podcast, I knew I wanted to talk about music, interview artists and be part of a scene. I was too broad but I had one first, HTNA who was in the Future Funk scene and I wanted to see if he would be the first person to interview. Unfortunately he wasn’t comfortable with it but it pushed me to reach out to a bunch of artists on twitter and after sending out countless DMs FujiFire said yes.

My first interview with FujiFire went way better than I expected. Unfortunately after completing the interview, I checked all the audio and for some OBS didn’t record his side of the conversation. Oh wow.

So I sucked up a failure point in the process, learned from it and contacted another batch of vaporwave and future funk artists. This time Crystal Cola said yes and everything went smoothly, thankfully. and so went my journey into having enough credit to start interviewing other artists.

Almost a dozen interviews later I’m still amazed and grateful to be interviewing these amazing people in the Future Funk and Vaporwave scene.

Today I’m interviewing 2 Vaporwave artists and one from Future Funk. Back to back, a lot of work, but I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. So thanks everyone who has been part of it and I can’t wait to see where all this hardworking takes me and I hope the interviews have a positive affect on the scene.

As a little teaser, I’m interviewing the following today, the episodes should be out over the following weeks.

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