3/25/2019 – releases (Sparkly Night, Local Visions, kretzschクレツ)

New music and albums seem to be coming out daily and because of the Future Funk and Vaporwave scene, we see physical media announced and sold out far too quickly.

So in an attempt to inform everyone of these releases and hopefully give you a chance to grab those cassettes, I’m going to keep daily release updates going.

Sparkly Night

Releases a new single, Make it Right.

Oneironaut by Local Visions

This is a pretty cool album with a bunch of artists all over the scene. Some familiar ones like Crystal Cola, Overwrite, water dragon, Asian Coke, Harbor Sunset and so much more. There was talks that all proceeds go to charity but exactly what charity is unknown.

desert sand feels warm at night

“‘バビロンの空中庭園 下’: The darker, more mysterious sequel to バビロンの空中庭園 上, out now on Seikomart!”

desert sand feels warm at night


New album, first moonlight, is out. Can be found on Spotify. I’m talking with him to have an interview about it in the coming weeks.

Jasper Mitchell / Unfound

Releases collaboration single with Unfound on youtube


Releases new album, Figments, on cassette with Stratford Ct, preorder is up and release is the 5th. More information here

Hey y’all! Have an album coming out on cassette via Stratford Ct. it’s a collection of ten of my releases including collabs with Unfound and Hotel Pools. Preorder is up now and release is April 5. A digital version is up on my Bandcamp page as well.


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