Not too much going on today in the releases but luckily we got some cool music to listen to regardless. Something less is more because we are not overwhelmed with choices. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram

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Physical Releases

Pictures of Purple Skies by Memorex Memories (Limited Edition Cassette)

This incredible chillwave album released a few hours ago already sold out vinyl and almost out of the 50 cassettes. A true masterpiece for the genre and people obvious notice it. Memorex Memories is a chill wave favorite of mine so I’m really happy for him to be selling out his music and getting the recognition. Favorite song: Depature

Digital Releases

Broken Receiver by Office WRKR

I saw the tag vaporpunk on the bandcamp and wasn’t sure what to expect but yep this album has it. The first song, Off_the_Wall, actually has this hard hitting distant sound that really does feel kind rock. This is a rock album done justice in the vapor scene.

Qualified [single] by Snowdream

I don’t think I ever public thanked Snowdreams for coming up to me in that UK Future Funk show. I think he may have been the first to recognize me from MTHU. He’s a super chill dude and (am i remember correctly) a decent piano player. This vapor funk single is a step up from his last few releases. I really like that anime sounding voice right around the 1:30 mark. It really turned up the dance-ability and brought in more of the groove. Sweet single, can’t wait to see the EP or album. Hey, Snowdream. You should play some live shows if you’re making music this good.

Scene News

power_lunch corporation

power_lunch corporation is having a sale here’s the deets:

Greetings from power_lunch!

We’re having a flash sale – 20% off your entire order

Discount code: back2school – sale ends Friday September 27th

*cannot be applied to existing orders

Midwest Collective

Midwest Collective is now shipping their cassettes and pre-orders are being fulfilled this week according to their Bandcamp email.

There are still a few in stock, don’t miss your chance for this special edition with Japanese style Obi strip.


TimeSlaves has released a compilation synth wave album:

Don’t miss your chance to own the essential synthwave compilation on vinyl…

Featuring tracks by CHROMATICS, The Midnight, Timecop1983 and many more besides – FUTURESOUNDS vol.2 is packed full of bangers on a double baby blue vinyl.

There are only 20 copies left at time of posting and all profits will be going to the CALMzone.

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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