A Special Place In Hyperspace and other releases

Today’s a great day for vapor cassette collectors. Not only are we seeing some aesthetic album art (Floating Points), we also got a seikomart release and one from Late Night Tapes. Which btw, did you know Late Night Tapes usually gives a sticker away with their releases. I need to put that on my laptop already.

Oh and for the title of this post.. I just though that album name was amazing. Like imagine if one day we get a chance to travel via hyperspace and their’s roads or like.. stops or something people hang out while ships fly past at unimaginable speeds. What a trip. I’m sad I’ll miss that future. Nostalgic for the future, there’s some rare words.

Physical Releases

Floating Points by Pink Ranger (First Edition Cassette)

I love it when an album surpassed my expectations and the music is able to stand on its own. This album is a prime example of this. Pure adventure soundscapes that take you from just being a normal ambient experience into one that keeps you hooked and wanting more. Favorite song: Treetops

.​.​.​from what I know by Calavera Love (LIMITED EDITION CASSETTE [ o o ])

“Calavera Love is a one man project that uses hardware synth, samplers and fieldrecordings to create emotional ambiance. I trap the elements of melancholy and flashbacks that keep me awake at night and transform them into musical soundscapes.” – Night Light Tapes

In The Mind Of The Night by AZENXIO (Limited Edition)

I’m not too familiar with AZENXIO but they’re creating some interesting glitchy / cool effects music to listen to. Kind of a little outside of typical vaporwave in a good way. favorite track: Deluxe Attic Suite

Did you know MTHU has Podcast on Google Podcast and iTunes?

Digital Releases

BOYFEROX // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​761 by PRISM LITE

What a cool mix, this starts off lo-fi hip-hop but it think the overall theme is actually Late nite lo-fi. A really good one at that. It’s an awesome 20 minute mix that I kind of wish was separate tracks because I want to listen to certain parts, obviously. It would make a great bootleg cassette though.


Like I said in the post excerpts how could would it be for there to be places in hyperspace that people hung out. Not even sure what that means (is it planets, is it safe zone, is it on the side of a space highway?) but this album will totally be playing in those spots of space. I wonder if there’s a good sci-fi that has explore the this idea. Favorite track: DEEP DREAM

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So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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