UNI DELUXE, SWEEPS & SEV release new albums + more

I’ve written a lot about UNI DELUXE in the past and even got a chance to interview him a while back. I’m always excited to hear what music he is releasing. We also got a new cassette from Lo-fi legend and sci-fi fan, Sweeps. SEV also released a more vaporwave-y album I’m really digging. There’s a lot more than just these releases. Check them out below.

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Physical Releases

.​.​.​with my friends by Reversed Reference (Limited Vinyl LP)

Some of you might know I started working on my own album. It’s sample based and one of the hardest things I’m having is not making the tracks but mixing it so it sounds full and clean. This album here is a clear representation of what I’m aiming for. Crystal clear synths, full baselines and percussion that doesn’t muddy the sound but adds to the entire experience. Vinyl and cassettes are now available for this inspiring IDM / abstract album. Favorite track: styro

tomorrow by Sweeps (Limited Edition Cassette)

I was first introduced to Sweeps when Matt from that MiniDisc video we did together was talking about how much he liked Sweeps lo-fi hip-hop tracks. I’ve been following Sweeps ever since. Which is cool because today I woke up to a personal email from Sweeps letting me know his album “Tomorrow” is now on cassette. It’s always an honor to get an email or DM from an artist I really like. My favorite track: liquid game

Starbound by Cryostasium (Limited Edition Vinyl Style Compact Disc)

I just found out. about this album after looking at the Fish Print label. I thought the album art looked sick and I’m a huge fan of the video game Starbound so wasn’t sure what to expect. Cryostasium gives us one heck of an experience with a dark metal ambient album. Favorite track: Magenetic

Strawberry Station – 128 State | Minidisc Edition
from My Pet Flamingo

Update: There’s only one of these MiniDiscs left. Grab it quick. There’s more cassettes still available.

Did you know MTHU has Podcast on Google Podcast and iTunes?

Digital Releases

Appmon on the 3DS

Before we get into the digital releases. Did you know there was an anime off shoot of Digimon called Appmon and for the longest time I was trying to promote it to the western audiences on reddit with /r/appmon but it didn’t really kick off. I thought the idea of Digimon in App form was brilliant idea. I guess there wasn’t a toy that could be sold to the American children and hence why it didn’t work to well over here…. oh right.. digital releases

Cybertronic Invasion; Utopian Society by Photonic Optics

I Photonic Optics is working on another album and this is just a quick thrown together track to hold us over while we wait for his full album. Which I actually don’t mind because this dark ambient chillwave track is super good. If it’s a tell of what’s to come on the full album we are all in for a treat.

River City by Sev

Originally released early this week, Sev is back with an album drawing inspiration from the city he currently lives in. “this album marks his ascension to the level of other Richmond greats like FM Skyline and Rack SquareSoft. Instead of being a straightforward tribute to the city he loves, River City acts as a vessel for its very spirit.” My favorite song: Texas Beach

Potion by UNI DELUXE

Here’s a little insider knowledge to my laptop… cause who doesn’t want to know this. I have a folder called “lofi”… there’s only one song in it: “UNI DELUXE – diane”. Literally I have listened to that song over 100 times when I\’m in Lo-fi Hip-hop moods. So how about this newly released single, Potion? Well now I need to create a folder called “Funk” because this track is perfect. Not exactly future funk but a little outside, maybe more vapor funk. UNI DELUXE is always impressing me.

Merch Releases

Official First Class Collective T-Shirt

First Class Collective has announced their first merch item, some killer t-shirts on a navy blue. You might know First Class Collective for the interview I had with Co-founded Ethan or a various cassettes / Cds they’ve released (Mr. Wax one is still available)


So my future friends in the discord might remember me talking about a certain relationship and how I’ve been friend zoned for like 3 months. We’ll I went on a date with her tonight. 😮 and we’re meeting up Tuesday. bruh what is life?

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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