TUPPERWAVE releases new album on Cassette & MiniDisc + other releases

TUPPERWAVE releases MiniDisc and Cassette on My Pet Flamingo. First Class Collective releases a chill wave album with Noosphere. Your old PS2 home screen with the mysterious memory save towers has a new track to replace that old airy feel and much more in today’s releases for the vaporwave and sub-genre scene.

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Physical Releases

Baby, I miss you by TUPPERWAVE (Baby, I miss you | Minidisc Edition)

Vaporwave community fan favorite, Tupperwave has released his follow up album Baby, I miss you on cassette and minidisc today. I have a little insider knowledge on the 6th track by ΛDRIΛNWΛVE as I was living with him in Tokyo when he made it. It was super cool to see his process of turning something Tupperwave gave him into it’s own unique style. I’m actually pretty surprised at the amount of features on this release seeing UNI DELUXE, Mélonade, Dan Mason and 猫 シ Corp. to list a few. Pretty impressive line up and really shows the reach Tupperwave has created for himself. Favorite track: The Last Day

Encino Stardust by Echo Beach (limited TESTAROSSA edition cassette)

I don’t know how this 80s inspired (I mean just look at the track titles) 4 track album got passed me considering it was released in 2018 and has had over 3 pressings. Oh and did I mention they’re selling the cassette at 6 bucks, kind of a steal if you ask me. Favorite track: Szechuan Strip Mall

90s Living EP by Bakground & Sangam (10″ Vinyl – LTWHT018)

As with most 10″ vinyls released on Lobster Theremin, we only get a small taste of what is expected from the album. In this case they grant us access to the depths of ambience that could easily pass off as the deep dark mystical trenches we endured during our youth on the PS2 home screen.

Bad Timing by Grand Mal ([PRE-ORDER] Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl)

Pre-orders have started for this indie rock album off Asura Revolver. This is the first time I picked up a non vapor related album of AR and was pleasently surprised. I enjoy indie rock / shoegaze of the guitar type any ways, so it fit my liking. Favorite song: Black Aura.

Digital Releases

New Spheres by Noosphere

Ethan of FCC actually made a commercial for this on their twitter. Go check it out. Noosphere, a Michigan based Chillwave artist, brought his A game with this release. Bringing in a wonderful mix of analog sounding baselines that move and synth lines that makes you want to discover new planets. Obviously the track New Spheres truly shines on this album but my favorite track is Distance.

EP : 1 by RDNK

Damn this bounces, that bass drum has just the perfect amount of pop. I’m so grateful for the sound that comes of this as I thought for sure it was going to be dark ambient with that album art. Get your rave gloves on and open your mind to some lasers because your about to kick off a good time. Favorite track: No Number Yet

R e w i n d by Flávio La Barre

First off, this is a collection chillsynth singles off Flávio La Barre’s soundcloud. Actually, why they had to state that in the description is odd as the tracks work together so well. But what really stands out and considering this is just singles is the effort put into selecting and creating the graphics for the album art. Vintage in style, CGI of the retro feel just by looks and a neon S that ties the button text together to well, I’d say stand alone, the album art is a masterpiece in itself. Great album. Iconic in design.

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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