S01E31: What’s on Aristotle’s Hard Drive? A Vaporwave interview (video)

Episode Notes

I had a chance to hang out with Aristotle’s Hard Drive a relatively under ground artist but I think has huge potential. He’s taken heart break and real life experiences to I think allows him to bring beautiful impactful vaporwave.

Although he still memes the genre, I enjoy his style and that he doesn’t take himself seriously.

He shared with us several songs this episode that gives you a great feel for who he is and what he is about.

Connect with Aristotle’s Hard Drive

Oh, and this is the first vaporwave artist on the show. So welcome him by checking out his music:

Bandcamp – https://aristotlesharddrive.bandcamp.com
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Aristotles_HD

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/MusicsTheHangUp
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/musicsthehangup/
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