I’m going to continually document the process of this podcast until launch day (and if demand asks longer). This will outline how I got to launch and the next steps. Maybe it can help anyone else trying to start a podcast.

Today I did the following:

  • Set up this website (bought the domain earlier but set up hosting and WordPress)
  • Selected an introduction that play at the start of each episode
  • Wrote episode 11 on Craig Owens and BadXChannels
  • Will post my song of the Day on Instagram and Twitter (waiting until 10~11 EST)
  • Investigated what The Needle Drop posts on social media considering he’s the closest I can think of who is in this kind of space.
    • Before starting this he wasn’t an inspiration but I do enjoy his work.
  • and finally wrote my first blog post

Next I’ll post to social media and start trying to build an audience.

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