My Spotify Top Songs of 2018

If you just want to jump right into the list here the playlist:

Top 5 songs

I’m going to make this into a formal episode, probably like episode 2 or 3, here’s the episode, as I already recorded my initial reaction to viewing this list but before that comes out, let’s look at my top 5 favorites of the year.

  1. YEAH RIGHT – Joji
    • This was my first year getting into Joji or any of his music in general. This song instantly hit the top of the list for me because I went through some major break ups and weird life choices. I felt this was my song through the whole ordeal.
    • Even before his death this was a constant bump for me. I had it on repeat on the metro, on the bus and every day walks through the city trying to not feel alone during the above stated break ups
  3. Angelina – Pinegrove
    • This song for me just reminds me that if I can hold on and get through the darkness, I’ll again be able to fall in love. Cheese for sure, but the simple things to keep going are fun to hold on to
  4. Jet – Citizen
    • Always been a fan of Citizen but it wasn’t until this latest album I started really feeling the singer and his lyrics. Hate to say it be again another song that helped me through the depression. – “My flickering thoughts; all wrong Into delusion we will go to stare at a glimpse of hope”.
  5. Raingurl – Yaeji
    • Not only is this an awesome song, it introduced me to modern house and the lo-fi house genre. If it wasn’t for her interesting Korean / NY aesthetics I don’t think I would have invested back into making music on the side. I ended up buying an OP-1 and a Digitakt this year (after major saving) because I now want to make house music.
    • Checkout the podcast episode about Yaeji here:

There are obviously at least 95+ more that held me ears this year but these are the ones that stood out the most. I hope this year I can find new artists and even possible genres. I love the discovery of music and that’s why I’m grateful to have Spotify. So here’s to 2019~


Yeah if you look at the playlist there’s a couple “songs” that are really audio in chinese. I’m learning the language and found a great album that is only chinese talking or pronunciation. because they are short, and I was trying to train my ear to hear the tonal language, one of the tracks took up my number one spot 😂!

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