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For those new to the scene, Vaporwave is a music and art genre that emerged in the early 2010s. Characterized by its use of lo-fi and retro aesthetics, Vaporwave has become a staple of internet culture and is known for its nostalgic and dreamlike soundscapes.

One of the defining features of Vaporwave is its use of sampling, which involves taking snippets of pre-existing music and manipulating them to create new sounds. This technique has been used in a variety of ways, from creating nostalgic soundscapes to satirizing consumer culture.

In addition to its musical aspects, Vaporwave is also known for its distinctive visual style. Album covers often feature retro and nostalgic imagery, such as 80s and 90s corporate logos, VHS tapes, and computer graphics. This visual style has been embraced by a wide range of artists and designers and has even influenced mainstream fashion and design trends.

But Vaporwave is more than just a genre of music and art – it is a culture and community that has developed online. From forums and message boards to social media groups and streaming services, Vaporwave fans have created a vibrant and supportive community that is dedicated to sharing and discovering new music, art, and ideas.

As the internet has continued to evolve, so has Vaporwave. New subgenres have emerged, such as Future Funk, Vaportrap, and Mallsoft, each with its own unique sound and aesthetic. These subgenres have allowed Vaporwave to continue to evolve and grow, while still staying true to its core themes of nostalgia, consumer culture, and the dreamlike quality of the internet.

So whether you are a long-time fan or new to the scene, we hope you will join us on this journey through the world of Vaporwave and internet culture. With so much to discover and explore, there is always something new to experience and enjoy in this vibrant and constantly evolving community.

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