What to expect this month (February)

I just got back from India and now it’s time to take this podcast to the next level. In this post I’m going to outline everything I want to achieve as well as look at what I accomplished last month

January Overview

  • I started the podcast Jan 18th, 2019 (my birthday)
  • Released and recorded 13 episodes in 1 month
  • Manage social media and episode releases while traveling to india
  • 200 listens across all episodes
  • Try using Instagram advertising ($150 == 30k looks at a post)

February Goals

  • 500 listens before the end of the month
  • Release a new episode every Monday and Wednesday
  • Interview at least 2 bands for the podcast
  • Have 2 guest speakers on podcast
  • Release extended episodes to Youtube
  • Contact 10 bands I like for an interview

Expected Episodes

  • Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale OST
  • History of Modern Baseball Episode
  • Emo Nights In Raleigh Guest episode
  • Higher Brothers and their take on Chinese Rap (not an interview)
  • Top Alt Concerts on Youtube
  • History of LUND
  • and more…

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