Wave 2 of 100% Electronicon Announced!

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100% Electronicon Wave 2

Wave 2 is finally here! @NFIVEXS @nmeshofficial , @fire_toolz and @ccchristtt will be playing in Brooklyn for 100% ElectroniCON! Tickets are SOLD OUT still though.

Ahero - Ultima Flux
Ahero – Ultima Flux

Ahero – Ultima Flux release party

On the 28th of June there’s going to be an online stream on youtube with DJ mix from HATENA. I’ll also be releasing an official music video for Ahero for the track Caller ID.

Anri x Night Tempo

Night Tempo has gotten permission to work with Anri & Toshiki Kadomatsu produced tracks for sampling and making music. Which is cool because he’s going to the legitimate route to properly use samples to make future funk. He’s very fortunate to have access to those in the Japanese music industry. New music coming out in July. 

Physical Releases

METAMORPHOSIS by Blank Banshee

New EP titled METAMORPHOSIS is now out which I think is too amazing. I talked about it in the daily and in the video but damn I’m loving this album. You can buy the cassette or listen to it on bandcamp. You gotta check it out.

C H L ♢ R I N Ξ __ D R Ξ Λ M S ░ DX ░ by Neon95
C H L ♢ R I N Ξ __ D R Ξ Λ M S ░ DX ░ by Neon95


Is now up on qrates at a 20$ reserve with a requirement of 100 people to help bring this album to live. It even has a little music video that you can see here. If you like this sound go check it out

Stratford Ct. | Sonus Auri

Although at the moment you can only listen to a single track, Memorex Memories & Hotel Pools – Ambervision, is literally the best chillwave I’ve heard a months. You can help get it funded on Qrates for $30 USD.

Digital Releases

Moe Shop


New sinngle from Moe Shop titled UKIYO. The track was made and produced by Moe shop but voails from TEMPURA KIDZ. English lyrics out on the youtube video which is cool.

Pacific Virtuaby sadbert

“Pacific Virtua is sadbert’s debut album, drawing influence from several styles of Vaporwave and its subgenres.” It’s a pretty standard vaporwave album, Transfer OS was really well made. I mean with 25 songs it’s difficult for me to take the time to listen to the whole album but what really draws me to this album is the album art. It feels so aestheically pleasinng, the shadows are beautiful the colors are pefect and that shape to the right caused by the stairs wow.

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