The Hybrid Splendor brings EDM vapor to cassette


Physical Releases

The Hybrid Splendor by けさイーズ

The Hybrid Splendor by けさイーズ (Limited Edition)

“This is not your typical vaporwave release, its an experiment. It‘s a journey to the very limits of vaporwave. Not only does the album explore the genres conceptual possibilities and boundaries, but also tries to expand them. Every track is a play with different electronic styles: from Drum and Bass to Psytrance. The purpose is not to tell a story or to evoke the typical feeling of nostalgia. It is a celebration of breaking the rules and putting them back together.” – Seikomart. Everything on this feels directly from a DDR arcade. It’s awesome.

Undine Media by Riverwave 川の波

Undine Media by Riverwave 川の波 (Riverwave 川の波 – “Undine Media” Cassette Tape)

I some how forgot about this ablum. I just got an email from Tiger Blood Tapes that my cassette is in the mail. Super excited to get this in a phyiscal form because it’s an awesome edm / future funnk ablum. TBH needs a minidisc release. There’s still a lot of cassettes left so go get them.

Virtual Business Service by From Tokyo to Honolulu

Virtual Business Service by From Tokyo to Honolulu (DESK SPACE edition cassette)

This album is a little different than what I’m used to hearing from FTTH, this time inn a virtual business setting. 8 tracks to document the experience of business. Ambient vapor.

Digital Releases

Virtual Business Service by from tokyo to honolulu

New digitally release from “from tokyo to honolulu”. Then it was announced one power_lunch corp there’s a cassette release. See the cassette release above for more details.

The Tarot by Sirena Velena

I think a french ambient album. Pretty weird imo, Tarot cards are something I’m not familar with but if you speak french and into tarot maybe this album means something to you. Just feels creepy. Like American Horror story sounds.

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