Blank Banshee’s new EP now out!

Blank Banshee Release

Metamorphosis by Blank Banshee

Just when I thought Blank Banshee couldn’t make better music he comes out with this EP. I don\’t know how he is able to add such complex yet perfectly placed percussion on this. The melody is cool on each song but it’s truly the percussion that is top notch on this album. The cassette is now up for pre-orders here.

Physical Releases

C H L ♢ R I N Ξ __ D R Ξ Λ M S ░ DX ░ by Neon95

New album on 12″ by Neon95. It’s now on Qrates for funding. Just started today so check it out and help this vinyl come to life.

Digital Releases

大自然 by 明日も

Weird, I was listening to this album and completely dosed off. It wasn\’t until 梅雨入り・梅雨明け came on that I remembered I was writing the daily releases. I really like that song now. The dreamy sound of 過去の地点気象データ・ダウンロード is also wonderful, hits me right in the 16 bit J-RPG days.

Season 2 by Switch Major

It’s an experimental album, one that kind of reminds me of 1950s psychedelic experiments done of military or house wives.

Installing Symbiotopia 2​.​0​.​1 by Bathroom Plants

This was released back in April, but the creator emailed me to check it out. It’s an ambient utopian album that builds upon the beauty of an unnspoiled 3D garden. Feels like it should be a soundtrack to a garden sim.

River Rejuvenator by P A T H S パス

Oh cool an album based on some of the water scenes in Majora’s Mask.

☼サンコープ by scamlines

I really enjoyed the melody and sounds on 【flow】 , I wish the track was longer. Kept hitting repeat on that one.

Didnt Mean to by NATIONAL ナショナル

Looks like NATIONAL ナショナル is still adding music to his 2017 EP, City // 都市. I don’t know why but the sample is great but the this song just feels kind of soul-less. No disrespect to NATIONAL at all just wasn’t feeling it this time.

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