Blank Banshee count down + other releases


I started noticing some the daily news and episodes are ranking on google images. I think it’s unfair and kind of trashy that 1/4 of these images are my logo. So I’ve gone from 236 pixels for advertising the site to 60 pixels. I don’t want the first thing people to see on Vaporwave or Future Funk is my giant logo. Hope you guys enjoy the new look.

Scene News

Blank Banshee

There’s an unknown announcement expected to drop today from Blank Banshee. On Jun 1st he put up a gif off his mask + a butterfly on a stone CGI tablet.

There’s a counter on the website and most likely will indicated at zero what is to be announced.

I’ll be around at the announcement, so I’ll report on it tomorrow.

Physical Releases

Stratford Ct. | Sonus Auri by Various Artists

This is a pre-order that’s actually be sold (or funded) or Qrates. I’m super happy Stratford Ct. selected the song Ambervision to be the only track playable because damn is it giving me some major Tycho vibes. Thanks for introducing me to two new artists I need to be following.

Digital releases

不本意 (Reluctance) by 汽≈

In Chinese the title of this album means not original but this new single and new side project (?) from Zer0 れい. Really dig the direction he is taking this, almost chaotic noise under a gleam of control.

Paradise Vol. II: Florida by Extra Terrestrial Disco

This album is giving me more Synthwave vibes than sitting by the beach admiring waves. It’s gotta a little bit of 80s synth mixed in maybe hotline miami. I enjoyed it.

美麗的死 by 壊れたカセット

Anyone else seeing a husky head on a female body with this album cover? Pretty chill vaporwave-like ablum, check out the song 愛の放棄 😛

Kepler 1225 by Phalioo

This album is the definition of super minimal ambient. Maybe a good album for someone wanting to mix their sleep up with this instead of white noise.

# i n s t a g r a m g i r l 😉 💾 by b̻̆̌̍͜lɅnk. Ȥ̟̒ͧͮͥºΞʎ『〙

I didn’t have high hopes with this album seeing the meme take of aesthetic but it’s actually not bad. Feels like it’s playing off roots of the vaporwave sound. Playing with pitch and all that all over. That drop / stop at 5:35 on the song June 11th was perfect, too.

The Extended Video // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​714 by Love Ranger

Why does this feel like a glam band with the first two tracks. The samples on this are all over.

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