100% Electronica on Metallic Silver Cassette + other releases

Physical Releases

Metallic Silver Cassette 100% Electronica by George Clanton
Metallic Silver Cassette 100% Electronica by George Clanton

100% Electronica by George Clanton (Metallic Silver Cassette)

I don’t think anyone was expecting this but a pleasant release for sure. Limited to 300 copies. His vinyl of this is also available.

An Affair in Nagasaki by [[stellar 성 적 인 날]]

An Affair in Nagasaki by [[stellar 성 적 인 날]] ([Limited Edition Cassette w/ Obi-Strip] [1 Week Pre-order])

We just had Uncle Squiddz on the show earlier this month. We knew this tap was coming out and glad to see it has. Seaside tapes has been killing it lately and happy to see Uncle Squiddz part of that. This is a pre-order until 25th of June 01:00 CEST.

Termini by Mr. Ocean

Termini by Mr. Ocean ([Limited Edition Cassette] [1 Week Pre-Order])

This weekend I had a chance to interview Mr. Ocean… He didn’t let me know this was coming out during the interview. ha, so it was a nice surprise. Every track on this feels like ocean dive or beach levels a N64 game. This is a 1 week pre-order untnil the 25th of June.

Digital Releases

The Spacedance by Vayu

I was worried when I saw the first song, “Oh How We Spiral”, was 15 minutes long. I’ve been seeing too many soundscape albums lately but this album! This album! It’s giving me that Sega Gensis vibes. Everything about it feels tracker to me. I love it. Listened to the whole 15 minutes, around the 11-12 minute mark we got a sweeeet piano solo.

Mary Jane by Capitalist1991

“Capitalist1991’s ninth album – “Mary Jane” – is a retrosynth adventure, following a woman who breaks the cycle of abuse from her husband and her family by moving to the city. The album traces through abuse, depression, and eventually, self peace as the city life, the people, and the music engulfs her and her new life. Filled with slow, fast, depressing and uplifting tracks, “Mary Jane” is Capitalist1991’s best album yet!”

What To Do When You’ve Been Scammed Online by QWΞRTY4

“****Based on a true story**** For those who feel paranoid about what to do next, this is the solution. Your solution. My solution. OUR solution. Let’s hope this gets a lotta support (if you know what I mean).” – from the artist

Daydream by Electronic Intelligence

A solid set of 14 vaporwave tracks. by Electronnic Intelligence. I think this is my first album I’ve heard from this artist. The song Everywhere, has a great looped sample “Everywhere I go” echos perfectly to the beat and some how it doesn’t get annoying. I also enjoyed listening to Eleven and Hits Me. Like Future Funk were the catchy parts are used this album seems to just take the catchy parts and replays them over and over. and over. over. o v e r.

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