Meet the bass player (and founder) of Tokyo Wanderer – Interview

Tokyo Wanderer is one of the few “bands” in the future funk. Originally started as a solo project by Nuno Cruz, he made various future funk and vaporware tracks to learn how to produce music while he acquired the equipment needed to record his instrument of choice, the Bass Guitar.

He started making more original tracks with his bass guitar and decided to bring on João Miguel which led to the song Hurt, which in my opinion his best track to date.

In this episode we talk about how he got into the vaporwave / future funk scene, the other bands he is in as well as the Groove Horizons Show he’s playing at on July 20th, 2019 in London.

Groove Horizons
Groove Horizons

For those who don’t know about the show, more details can be found on Eventbrite. The other artists playing that night include: Mr. Wax, Android Apartment, Jelly Bon Bon, Mélonade, Strawberry Station, ev.exi & Conscious Thoughts.

As we talked about in the episode, both members of Tokyo Wanderer will be flying from Portugal to the UK. Having to travel with all these live instruments and pay for hotels. If you are interested in supporting the band but can’t go to the show, maybe help them out on GoFundMe. It comes with a free digital copy of the album Sleepless off Bandcamp. It’s free music while still helping out these awesome guys~

A few tracks were mentioned for those unfamiliar with their music.  Check it out below:

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