Vaporwave to meditate to with Azuresands大麻 & other releases

The daily releases for vaporwave and sub-genres for June 31st, 2019.

Physical Releases

Inner Journey by Azuresands大麻 (Classic reissue edition cassette)

Azuresands大麻 is a huge creative inspiration to me. He transcends musical boundaries better than anyone I know in the scene. I’m pretty big into meditation (I do it ever morning) and this album inspires me in the fact that I truly feel Azuresands大麻 is taking the idea as a creative expression not just another vapor gag. Each track has a beautiful meditative experience that I want to own.

FADING by Shima33 (Cassette [NOP-101])

With the album art I was thinking we were going to get a synthwave / retrowave album. Instead we got an ambient album that maybe if you did put downn the windows on a hot summer night, let the crickets reach your ears and observe the warm smell around you, you’d throw this on to accompany the experience.

Souvenirs by LÜNE (Limited Edition Cassette Pre-Order)

As part of my interest in not only listen to vaporwave every second of my life, I’ve added more chill wave into the mix. The first artist that I followed to release an album is this one by LÜNE. The album art on this is magnificent. Something almost dream like in nature just as the album sounds. “When you are close to death, your survival instinct makes you see happy memories (souvenirs), of people and things you love, that could bring you the courage to get back to life. That’s what this EP is about, these are my souvenirs.”

Déesse de Granite by Dreyt Nien (Cassette [NOP-104])

The album art on this looks super fresh. I love that glossy skull over the rocky ocean. The album contains various sounds of electronic music from experimental to 80s synth. It’s a cool grab if you are looking to add experimental music to your cassette collection.

〜になる by from tokyo to honolulu (First Edition Cassette)

from tokyo to honolulu is a national treasure in our scene. Their aesthetic is on point, the music keeps getting better and people are noticing. The cassette sold out quicker thann I had a chance to listen to that album. If you are familiar with their older works, this one is sounding a lot more original in sound and less of sampling. What’s up with the album names?

Digital Releases

你安静地杀了. RAR by 最後的信號

The first track I listened to was drilling… but luckily after that good synth based vapor hit my ears and then we got like the ocean (欲望 XXX 任务). Pretty experimental

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