Massive collaborations on latest DMT album + other releases

Digital Releases

RESEARCH​:​DOSSIER // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​733 by Various Artists

I know DMT has been working on an awesome series but I did not see this project coming together. A huge amounnt of collabs, I s a a c A s c i i, MEZのユメ, Δελφοί, Zer0 れい and so much more. That intro track by Arizon is pretty cool, I like the storyline behind it.

直到時間結束我都會愛你 by S O A R E R

A dreamy 27 minute long track of ambience and soundscapes. First time hearing this artist, I wonder if it\’s a one off project or we\’ll see more from them.

Blind by Laconic Impression

This album puts the experience in experimental. Harsh noses, weird sounds in the background, uneasiness. Laconic Impression scares well.

Past Release

I’m starting to get back into house & EDM. Something about the Groove Horizons show made me remember how much I loved house music. So I started following a couple house labels, and listen to their backlog to get a feel from some of the artists. Not dropping Vapor at all just adding to the collection.

PEACH004 – Electrical Encounters by Ciel

Originally released in 2017, this 3 track album might be small but powerful in vibes. Elevate (Go Off Mix) is the best song of the bunch and it one that feels great to listen to in the breeze.

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