💵 1 Million Dollar Interview with Porter Vong + Face Reveal 💵 @ 100% Electronicon

An exclusive reveal of the man behind Porter Vong, what the future is looking like… of course successful and bright! You not going to want to miss this!

Porter Vong, Vaporwaves Rich Man, has been a successful mystery for quite some time. The comical yet inspiration tweet novelty account using the imagery of Tom Vu, “a Vietnamese American poker player, real estate investor and speaker best remembered as an infomercial personality in the late 1980s and early 1990s” has attracted plenty of attention in our scene.

A lot of people had doubts about who ran the account, various labels, George Clanton, even member of Private Suite were on the list. So when Porter Posted on Twitter he was coming to 100% Electronicon, hype was at an all time high. We were all going to finally meet the richest most inspirational man in the scene.

So when he came to my hotel for a Private Suite meeting, I had to meet him and get him on the show. Between this interview, and personal conversations I’ve had with him, coming out as a physical face will completely change the future of the project in what I think is in a positive way not only for the scene but also for the creator of Porter Vong.

Expect big plans coming in the future from Mr Vong. Converts, Merch and even more music. Maybe even something never seen in our scene, that will get you richer and more success than ever! (Sorry Q, I know I’m torturing you holding back this information)

When Porter Vong isn’t helping his winner circle win, he is also making vapor music. Check out some below

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